Vũ Đức Co., Ltd. – Export Experience Proven by Action

Over 15 years of operation, Vũ Đức Co., Ltd. has continuously developed and expanded its export market. We are proud to be a reputable wood supplier for numerous large-scale projects globally, from Asia to Europe, from the Americas to Africa.

International Partners’ Trust

With a professional working style and high-quality products, Vũ Đức has earned the trust and long-term cooperation of many international partners. We take pride in our wood products contributing to the success of various construction and packaging projects around the world.

Firm Commitment – Aiming for the Future

With extensive export experience, we are committed to continuously improving the quality of our products and services, while expanding our operations to meet the increasingly high and diverse demands of the international market. Vũ Đức Co., Ltd. is not just a manufacturer; we are a reliable partner on your sustainable development journey.

Vũ Đức Co., Ltd. – Export Experience, Global Stature.

For more detailed information and cooperation requests, please contact us:

  • Phone number: 0914941941
  • Website: paletgovuduc.con
  • Address: Văn Lâm, Hưng Yên
  • Gmail :vuducdieu941@gmail.con
  • googlemap:https://maps.app.goo.gl/L3p4z6R7Dec2rRrS9


Please feel free to reach out to us for the best support. We look forward to welcoming you!